Our Services

DigitalCM develops state of the art solutions, assisting customers with today's technical challenges and most importantly, builds a solid customer base through strict adherence to moral and ethical standards.

Virtual Reality Solutions

VR solutions are highly beneficial since they provide an immersive, simulated environment for a person to experience remotely without physical exposure.

Modeling and Simulation

DigitalCM is acutely aware of the limitations that Modeling and Simulation techniques have when used by those in our customer community and we are now able to provide amazing solutions matching and often exceeding customer expectations.

3D Mapping

Utilizing photos, 3D models, virtual tours, and aerial photography we developed the tools to significantly reinforce the learning experience of virtually navigating buildings, aircraft and any other challenges you might face.

Software Development

We build innovative and specialized software solutions specifically designed to meet customer specified requirements and to overcome challenges widely faced throughout the world.

Kit Preparations

DigitalCM offers all-inclusive custom kit solutions for various industry needs including; VR kits, camera kits, vehicle power kits and many more.

eLearning Development

DigitalCM provides and integrates real life and virtual systems into a unified training regimen that can be accessed globally.

Visualization Tools

Easy, simple and cost-effective way to organize your projects using our whiteboard magnets. Rapidly project your ideas in a clear and professional way for everyone to understand.

CBT Development

Computer-based and mobile-based training is key for cost-effective training. We develop in-house distance learning materials so users can be anywhere in the world and still train.

Helping learning institutions transition to remote learning.

What Makes Us Different

Our state-of-the-art solutions can virtualize locations, equipment, platforms, people, actions, methods, and techniques.

We have accumulated a wide range of experience, expertise and tools to create and implement solutions to any of your campaigns, be it carefully curating awesome content to optimizing the presentation with our great SEO powers as well as outdoor marketing skills.